Thursday, September 01, 2005

Young Libertarian email open-ended question seeking negatives

Dear Mr. Rauterkus,
As, a newly found Libertarian, there are things that I would like to learn about this incredable party. I am a Senior in High School, am 17 years old, live in Sharon (Mercer County) and I have political aspirations someday. I want to be able to have discussions with people at lenghts and be able to defend the party and empress the greatness of the party to the people that don't necessarily follow politics that much. I visit often but that only says the good. I want to know the negative as well, so I know what I may be up against in a political debate with my Socialist friends, Democrat teachers and, sadly, this Republican society in general.

P.S. I would greatly appreciate an e-mail response back.


My quick reply:
There is an upside and downside to each decision. The Libertarian pathway has its hurdles, but I'd not say there are many "negatives."

Freedom has to have an equal dose of RESPONSIBILITY. If you lack -- or if the community lacks -- the responsibility part of the solution -- then Freedom is chaos. That's the big negative. We don't generally know how to take care of ourselves. The do unto others as you'd do to yourself breaks down because people don't do well to themselves -- sadly.

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