Friday, September 09, 2005

It is a sidewalk. Not roller blade way nor speed way. No bike riding here.

Don't ride your bike on the sidewalks of the South Side! Get off and walk. A few customers of stores have gotten run down by fast moving bike riders in recent days. Get onto the street and go fast or walk on the sidewalk.

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Michael P. O'Connor said...

I am a cyclist and you are right, bikes don't belong on the side walk, infact by PA law bikes are not allowed on side walks in a business district, the exception is for children under 12 years old. If you are on a bike you are on a legal vehicle, you are bound by the same laws that apply to a car or truck. I know why the bikers go on side walks (that does not make it right) and that is because many drivers in cars are hostile to bikers, I have many times had a person in a car scream at me to "get the f*** of the road and on the side walk where you belong" then they will proceed to try to run me off the road. This does not give bikers any right to go on the side walk, even if a car driver is hostile to you should stay on the road and assert your right to the road, that the law gives to you. A person on a bike has all the rights, privileges, and responsibility that a car driver has to the road, with the exceptions that you do not have to maintain the speed limit at all times, and you must stay in the right lane unless you are making a left turn, and if I read the law right, I break the law here, that a bike in a multi lane road must "take" the right lane, that is to go closer to the center of the lane, I break this as I do most of the time stay as far right as I can, unless it is to dangerous for me to be that far over (potholes, glass, lane is to narrow for a car to safely pass me, etc.) or if I need to make a left turn or if I am going the speed of the rest of traffic or the speed limit. I will admit I read the law from the PA code, but since I am not a lawyer I might have not fully understood it, but that is probably more then most bikers or car drivers have done.