Friday, September 09, 2005

Pittsburgh Laurels & Lances: RIP to the ICA

We need oversight. The ICA isn't dead yet. It has acted like it is worthless. But that is another problem.
Pittsburgh Laurels & Lances - R.I.P.: The Pittsburgh oversight board. With the departure of Bill Lieberman from the board, there's really no need for the board to exist. Gutted of any members who don't have marionette rods attached to their mouths, the board has been reduced to a rubber stamp of the companion Act 47 board. It's a great victory for gubernatorial thuggery; it's a very sad loss for the concept of independent oversight.

I've suggested that Joe Weinroth be nominated to fill the open position on the ICA board.

The need for the board is there because the Act 47 folks can't be trusted, nor can the city's leaders. We do have a need for oversight. The reasons are there as sure as the debt is huge.

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