Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor, Legacy and Lucky HEX

In these parts, we have a serious relationship with "labor." It stretches far past a giant parade and has much to say about politics and how we govern ourselves.

I've run for public office twice. Both times I was a serious underdog. Neither time did I get a penny as a donation from any "labor group." I'm not sure if that is a complaint or a brag. Perhaps it is a bit of both.

My wish is for open-mindedness. But, those in control have a good way of controlling information. When information is controlled, other system-wide controls are easy to maintain.

Labor gives its money and its endorsements to candidates. Those candidates are generally the candidates that are going to win. When the established candidates win -- and win with such frequency and domination -- then the citizens generally loose. Our downward spiral continues.

We need labor to help snap the cycle that has caused such a downfall to our greater, public landscape.

The labor endorsement should NOT be given with a wink, a handshake and a three or four figure check. And, there are those who know what really occurs -- so there is a major turn-off in many ways. Candidates who would be great public officials for the rank-and-file are rejected without hesitation.

The oak hex, illustrated above, stands for "courage" and "strength." I long for the time when labor's political quarterbacks leverage additional "courage" and "strength" with serious research into all possible options entering the public realm.

Too many ballot box decisions are made far in advance of election day. Labor has had a huge role in causing the cancer of our body politic to persist.

From what I've seen -- many union memebers have been working to change the status quo. Those efforts need to turn a corner and become more than a 'steamfitters' pipe-dream.'

Today's offers:

I'd be glad to meet with any union leadership team or union members so as to talk about my campaign. That's a no-brianer.

Furthermore, I'd be happy and eager to talk about how improves to our political landscape can occur when considering serious, system-wide adjustements to to political outreach among unions.

Union members: Be strong. Be with courage. To many candidates, a good way to act with courage and strength is to generate endorsements and donations to all candidates in the race, even Indies. And, another avenue of strength is going to build as labor takes the effort to look harder and longer at those who are NOT already in the office presently.

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