Monday, September 05, 2005

Psych Up for Back to School

Back to school. Let's start to count the months, weeks and days -- and make the most out of each moment. The photo shows Grant and Erik outside a school in China. We had purchased a smaller version to bring to Cameron, a cousin. Sadly, the gift broke in transit.

Cameron is starting his Junior year at Middleburry College. He'll go back to school this week too.

The family Labor Day picnic brings us time to play with other cousins who live in the North Allegheny school district. They all start to school tomorrow.

Grant already gave notice that second grade won't include as much fooling around as first grade.

This year (academic 05-06) is our last "gravy year" for our family. Both of our children attend the same school. Next year Erik is slated to attend FRICK Middle School for sixth grade.

Erik is in a reading club and is diving into the book, Library Card. And he has begun to tackled the first draft of his first essay. That's what I need -- more drafts of my comments before they are "finished." However, he can NOT write on the computer. He needs to be doing it on paper so that the edits can be clearly seen.

One day we'll look back at paper based homework and giggle -- how old fashioned. Old fashioned, like what is shown in the photo above.

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