Friday, September 09, 2005

Pittsburgh Laurels & Lances - Parking

City council does have some skin in the strike by the union that operates many parking lots.
Pittsburgh Laurels & Lances - To Pittsburgh City Council. It passes a resolution in support of the striking parking lot attendants and accuses the lot operators of 'union-busting.' First, the council has no business entering this fray. Second, its resolution only affirms that it doesn't have a clue about finances in general. It's this kind of mind-boggling lapdogging that played a major role in Pittsburgh's fiscal downfall.

The city owns the PARKING AUTHORITY. The Parking Authority should be taken apart.
I spoke to the union leader and he agrees with me. The Parking Authority is part of the problem. The Parking Authority should be NUKED.
Furthermore, the URA is building parking garages. That's an important connection that can't be ignored. The city council has a seat on the URA board. That is another connection.
That said -- I don't think that the resolution was worth hill of beans. But, there are ways to get involved and do better work than what we've seen.

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