Tuesday, November 08, 2005

2 of 3 voters may stay away. --- People always vote with their feet. Hence Pittsburgh is half of its former self.

My oldest son is 11. Both of my kids have lived their entire life while Tom Murphy served as Mayor of Pittsburgh.

I would have tried to get the Liberty Bridge and Liberty Tunnel renamed for Tom Murphy -- if he had resigned from office before today's election. Won't happen. Oh well. Some of us tried.
2 of 3 voters may stay away - PittsburghLIVE.com Although Pittsburgh voters will choose the city's first new mayor in more than a decade, voter turnout in the city and across the county probably won't top 30 percent of nearly 900,000 registered voters in Allegheny County, predicted Mark Wolosik, director of the county's Election Division. That's because many local offices up for grabs this year essentially were decided in the May primary. The ballot contains no major statewide contests.

In the race for a successor to replace three-term Mayor Tom Murphy, Democrat Bob O'Connor, of Squirrel Hill, is a heavy favorite to win over Republican Joe Weinroth, also of Squirrel Hill. Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans in the city by about 5 to 1, and the Democratic primary has decided the mayor's race for seven decades. Other candidates for mayor are Green Party contender Titus North, of Squirrel Hill, independent candidate David Tessitor, of Squirrel Hill, and Socialist Workers candidate Jay M. Ressler, of Lawrenceville.

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Michael P. O'Connor said...

Why bother voting in local elections? That is why people will not vote. I will say I never missed an election in my life, but I don't think I am going to go vote today, this is pittsburgh, and we know who will win. If there were any issues, state or federal elections I would vote, but for local elections my vote means about as much as a snow ball in h***.

I don't see any point in voting this year.