Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Angry Drunk Bureaucrat: Final Thoughts on the 2005 Pittsburgh General Election

I put a different spin on today's election at another blog. Go there and see his posting and then my comments (also posted below).
The Angry Drunk Bureaucrat: Final Thoughts on the 2005 Pittsburgh General Election
It feels a bit presumptuous to have 'final thoughts' on a topic on which I've barely had first thoughts.

I wrote on his blog:
No, no, no....

I dare say you are close on some of your assumptions, but the final step to close the thought is missing...

The ratio isn't nearly as important as the vote totals. Murphy go 39K. Bob was in the primary with 30k against Murphy in 2001.

Will O'Connor get 40K? Will he get in the 30s? Will he get less than 30K?

I think Weinroth will do a lot better than Carmine. But, that means 15,000 or so. A 4,000 increase would be way better.

Plus, look back to the vote totals in 1998. You'll be shocked.

Next, Elsie. That choice is much like Roddey. Roddey did win county wide. Been there, done that. But you are right. That is the type of person we'd need for 'mayor.' But, we've got Joe Weinroth. Joe is not radical in the slightest. On one hand you'd say it is his strength -- but also a weakness.

Joe didn't rock the boat much in the campaign. He isn't a flashy guy. He didn't do any breakout moves.

This is where the break-out must come -- on council. We'll have Bob O as the mayor with smiles and handshakes. But we'll need the tough-love approach on council. We'll crave balance, and the break-out needs to come in that role, I dare predict.

Hence vote for Gov Rendell (D) for top spot and give more seats to Rs in the state house and state senate.

But, then again, the real challenger may not be Republican. It isn't just a two-party system, here.

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