Thursday, November 03, 2005

Mayor regrets talking of 'fix' -- link to the P-G story

Mayor regrets talking of 'fix': "Mayor Tom Murphy yesterday said he regretted saying the 'fix is in' on who would be awarded a casino license for Pittsburgh.

'I should have chosen my words more carefully,' he said. At the same time he affirmed his right as mayor 'to demand an open, honest and transparent selection process' for the city's casino."
In a couple of years, when the gambling interests have really trashed this town, Mayor Murphy will again stand up and say -- "told ya."

"Should-a, would-a, could-a don't mean squat."

Be Caring, Be Loving, Be Open and Be Honest. Humm.... CLOH. Those are characteristics to live by.

However, people don't really like "honesty." And, it's hard work to be honest. It is easy to dodge and drift and go with the flow. You have to care enough to put your heart and spirit on the line. You have to be open enough to have the faith and support of the others who are around. Plus, being open builds faith for those who are not so near as well.
It's a tough combination. Life is tough.

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