Thursday, November 03, 2005

Pondering a new blog feature: Long Project Gutenberg repost

Project Gutenberg

Dear Faithful (and some Faithless) Blog Readers,

Last month for Haloween, I published the lead in to the classic story of Icabod Crane. See Sleepy Hollow. This month, I'm thinking of posting another longer story, but from Mark Twain on diplomacy. But, I'm going to wait until after election day.

The works of Twain from Project Gutenberg (PG) and thousands of others available in Project Gutenberg's fine library as text documents are free to read and repost.

Question: Should I repost the entire 10 pages in the blog -- or just the first couple of pages?

We are pulling together some Project Gutenberg titles for the CDs that are being passed along with the campaign.

Furthermore, we do want to support lifelong learning.

Reactions welcomed.

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Amos_thePokerCat said...

Just a link.

I saw this three years ago on the old TechTV. Very neat.

Internet Archive Bookmobile

In a celebration of the Public Domain, the Internet Archive's Bookmobile will be coming to a town near you, bringing with it the ability to access, download, and print one of the almost 20,000 public domain books currently available online.