Friday, March 03, 2006

But we want the people free -- not the politicians. Put them in bondage. Not other way around

With freedom, comes and equal amount of repsonsibility.

No way. County Council's President, Mr. Fitzgerad, D, is so WRONG.
Allegheny County Council again seeking political freedom: Allegheny County Council's Democratic and Republican leaders lined up yesterday behind a bill that would let council members hold onto their seats for a longer time if they run for higher office.
The charter code, as it is, is always going to be approved by the voters as the voters, for good reason, have distain for the candidates and their hyped promises that often go empty.

This effort is barking up the wrong tree in a time when there is a big movement to throw the bumbs out.

Many other moves for the sake of voter engagement could be accomplished -- and it seems as if Fitzgerald and Gasteb are out-of-touch.

And, the LAW does NOT say that council members become candidates when they file their petition papers. The lawyer's read of the charter says that and the lawyer works for the County -- NOT the people.

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