Thursday, March 02, 2006

Philadelphia Signs 10 Year Deal With Earthlink

Bill Peduto, of Pgh's City Council, would not feel so alone if I joined him at the table and we began to work in earnest on some tech projects -- like this one from Philly. But, we can do better than what they've done.
Philadelphia Signs 10 Year Deal With Earthlink blog iconMarjorie | February 3, 2006
| Capacity Building | Community Technology | Wireless

After a seemingly endless battle with Verizon over citywide municipal WiFi provision, city officials have finally signed a contract that will offer low-cost internet service to Philadelphians. The 10 year deal with EarthLink will allow citizens to access high speed internet for a price of around $20 per month. Construction is set to begin immediately on the initial network of 15 square miles in the Northeast part of the city. If successful, EarthLink will bear the costs of expanding it over 135 square miles.
Philly is also an interesting case as it gave $300-million to COMCAST for a downtown high-rise -- as a state gift. Wouldn't you think that Comcast would be a player in the digital delivery sector?

Meanwhile, in other local high-tech network news, we are faced with this:
The Carbolic Smoke Ball: LOCAL CABLE LINES SATURATED: CAN'T HANDLE ANY MORE STEELER NEWS, CALAMITY LIKELY Isn't it shocking how Philly is going wireless and we'll have black-outs! :)

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