Friday, March 10, 2006

philly: Why Did Joe Hoeffel Back Out?

philly: Why Did Joe Hoeffel Back Out? He went on and on about how he was going to do his best to keep The Hoagiemeister in the Governor's mansion and that he hoped his supporters would continue to support The Hoagiemeister's run for Governor. It's a lot to chew on."
I've not heard of that nickname, "Hoagiemeister."

Today, after swim practice, we all went to Pramanti Brothers. Felt good. The boys did a great job at swimming this week. We attended five swim practices in a row. That hasn't happened in many months with so many conflicts with candidate nights and such. The swimmers hit a groove once they get themselves into the groove.

As a bonus, WPIAL 100 Breast Champ, J.N. of Central at our practice tonight. We got out the video recorder and got him doing some pace work. He's going to states, along with some of the others associated with the program. Next week I'll have time to get into some video work with the kids and the web as well.

In 2006, Joe won the 100 Breast. And in 2005 and 2004, the champ was a Carlynton swimmer who is now at Notre Dame. So, three years in a row -- the BREAST title goes through Carlynton.

We are gearing up for swim lessons to start in a few weeks. I'll have to get out an email blast about when and how to sign up.

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