Friday, March 10, 2006

Pittsblog: The Pop in Pop City

These are my words posted in a comment area of another blog. They call out Harold D. Miller, in a way. He's been silent on this so far. Perhaps he didn't notice or is on spring break in Lauderdale this week.
Pittsblog: The Pop in Pop City: "All the king's horses and all the king's men will not be able to fix Pittsburgh again. Can't happen. Won't happen.

However, once the people engage (again) and the king's people and assets are told to become deliberate interactive elements -- and that is the RADICAL shift from how it works here now (and in the recent past) then we'll be able to flourish.

The fluff of the site (in my eyes) is because the interactivity is absent.

The POP thingie will be a sink. It will burning resources, money and careers even. But, the king's court has plenty of deep pockets. Trouble is -- the king is broke and the people are too. The city is going over the brink.

If Harold D. Miller wanted to be part of a real debate -- bring it on.

And, this even goes to the core as to why the other Mark, Mark Cuban, wouldn't be able to cope here again -- as in your other posting.

Think again!
The theme of engagement is real. And, it is critical. It is colaboration -- not cooperation. It is about competition -- not concensus. I don't want to be 'at the table' with everyone in 'snooze mode.' Our city is about to crumble, and we need to light a fire under the seats of the people at the table and get them into life's serious work already.

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