Monday, May 01, 2006

PA HOUSE RESOLUTION 655 P.N. 3740 - Make Sept. 11 a holiday

HOUSE RESOLUTION 655 P.N. 3740 Designating September 11 as a State holiday in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

WHEREAS, There can be no greater tragedy than the intentional 4 taking of innocent lives; and ..."
Click to see the bill as it was introduced on March 17.

Today is May 1, a worldwide holiday. More on that in another posting.

I think we should celebrate 3.14, Pi Day. That would speak volumes in terms of science, technology and our history of eating, plus all things circular. But, to celebrate it and to make it a state holiday are not the same.
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I'm not for 9-11 as a state holiday. I'm not for 3.14 as a state holiday either.

June 1 is Childrens' Day in China. Some might say that every day is kids' day. Plus, we've got Mothers Day, Fathers Day and in the city, take your dad to school day too.

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