Wednesday, November 01, 2006

If I was mayor, or on city council, -- I'd be working hard to host Open's conference in 2007

Check out this call for proposals for holding an open source conference. This is for the community.

When I campaign, I give out CDs and those CDs include an installer for OpenOffice.Org. It is a free and open source software package that can take the place of Microsoft Office. It costs $0. And, it includes a database, drawing program, word processor, presentation program and more.

I'm going to three meetings in the next few weeks where I'll raise this question. The blogfest, the PodCamp and a meeting on Grant Street about the still closed, lone, indoor ice rink on the South Side.

If your interested in putting together a bid for this event, let me know. I'd be very willing to help and be a co-organizer.
Dear Community members,

The annual Conference continues to go from strength to strength, with this year's glittering event in Lyon, France attracting more than 600 registrations and enjoying a civic reception laid on by the Mayor of Lyon in the historic town hall.

Can your team do even better next year?

We are collecting applications from teams who are willing to organize OOoConf 2007. To give you an idea about what we are looking for, you can take a look at last year's proposals:

Interested teams should send their applications to the mailing list following the guidelines below.

Key Question

In 400 words or less, answer this question:

* Why is your location and the date you propose the best for OOoConf 2007?

Your proposal MUST include

* Location (country, city, conference center/university)
* Proposed Date(s)
* Team Lead (main contact person)
* Team Members (all members should be willing and able to commit at least 3 hours per day to planning the conference during the last two weeks before OOoConf 2007)
* Local events that are taking place in parallel (or right
* Special visa or entry requirements, e.g. vaccinations

Your proposal COULD include

* Large local deployments (for user keynotes and success stories)
* Names of local developers (for developer sessions)
* Names of local vendors/partners (potential sponsors)
* Travel costs (e.g. flight costs from the following cities: London, Paris, Rome, Beijing, Sydney, New York, Hamburg, Dublin, San Francisco, Cape Town, Tokyo)
* Accomodation costs (youth hostel, hotel)

Supplementary Information

User feedback from previous conferences suggest that the ideal location will:

* have a strong local community
* attract strong sponsor support
* have a low-cost/free conference centre with conference venues close together
* have facilities where people can pass the time, socialise, and mingle with other conference delegates close to the conference building(s)
* have a range of low-cost accomodation with easy/cheap transport to the conference location
* attract the largest number of community contributers
* facilitate the attendance of a large number of Sun's developers (who are in Hamburg, Germany)
* be accessible by cheap flight and train tickets
* be aligned with a large IT event (e.g. CeBIT, Systems, Comdex)
* provide low-cost broadband Internet access (e.g. wireless LAN in the rooms)
* allow for video and audio streaming (e.g. via the support of a company)

Submitting a Proposal

Proposals should be sent to the mailing list

The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2006. Shortly after that date we will publish the applications and call for votes from community members.

Information about previous Conferences can be found at:

Thank you and good luck with your proposals!

The Conference Team
Questions: Where are the biggest installs, other than with the CDs I've passed around town?

Too bad we also have a closed hostel too -- in Allentown.

Perhaps we can make the event the key for the re-opening of South Vo Tech High School -- and South Hills High School -- and Knoxville Middle School -- and Gladstone Middle School. We could make them all Hostels for this event. Then we'll hold the opening and closing ceremonies at the Neville Ice Rink!

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