Monday, February 05, 2007 is blistering ahead elsewhere -- what about in Pittsburgh?

If I was mayor or county executive, we'd be hosting a big open source software pow-wow such as this. And, we'd do it often. All the 'running mates' and everyone in the region should be using Go get it. Put it on your computer. Give it a whirl.
The official international Conference (OOoCon) brings together people who are interested in the development, promotion, and use of

Last year, members of the community gathered at the official international Conference (OOoCon) in Lyon, France for a superb conference hosted by the local community.

This year's proposals reflect the growing importance of in the Asia Pacific area as well as Europe, with strong proposals from:

* Barcelona (Spain)
* Beijing (China)
* Dehradun (India)

Members of the community are invited to go to the following web page to submit a vote for their preferred location:

Voting will be open from 5th February - 18th February inclusive. Just two weeks - so please vote early.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Since 2001, Beijing Municipality has actively promoted the application of open source software and in 2001 and 2002 a great deal of OO and Linux products were adopted for governmental procurement of Beijing; in the subsequently launched project of Sailing, open source software was required to be comprehensively applied in office systems of the municipal government and all participating enterprises producing open source software are asked to contribute corresponding achievement to the community. As the first local government adopting OO in China, Beijing has been always promoting OOo products and now there are over 200 local governments using OOo products in China.

- snip -

RedOffice, the most popular product in Chinese market, for an example. RedOffice is the first product in China researched and development basing on OO, it was introduced in 2001 with the People's Government of Beijing Municipality as the first user, till now it has been applied in nearly two hundred local governments of different provinces and cities, such as Beijing and Guangdong, and more than a thousand enterprises and public institutions due to its excellent functions and ease of use, its users cover a lot industries such as government, education, water resources, electric power, tobacco, medicine, iron & steel and coal mining.

To date, the amount of the relevant OOo products pre-installed in China has exceeded 10 million seats, the actual used amount of OOo products has exceeded 1 million seats, and the numbers are increasing all the time.

- - - - (Spain) - - - -

LinkAt. Catalan government GNU/Linux distribution for education.
GnuLinEx is an initiative of the regional government of Extremadura, Spain. It is already used in all schools in Extremadura, as well as intended for official institutions based on 2006 motion of ODF adoption. It is actively promoted for business, society and home use as well.
Guadalinex is an initiative of the regional government of Andalusia, biggest in Spain. It is already used in a big share of schools in Andalusia, as well as intended for official institutions. It is promoted for society at public info-centers (Guadalinfo) at all villages in Andalusia.
Lliurex. Valencian government GNU/Linux distribution for education
Molinux. Castillan-La Mancha, Spain, government GNU/Linux distribution for education and public health. Already running in all public first level health centers.

- - - - India - - - has been in the limelight constantly in the government and political circles as well as the development community.