Monday, March 31, 2008

Center for Creative Play remembered

Center for Creative Play remembered: "Today the Center for Creative Play is shutting its doors. Sad doesn't even come close to the emotions I feel.
This is a day of blogging 'equity.' Well, the kids are not equals.

Kids do NOT vote. Seniors do.

The link above points to a new blog. Check it out.

The fight to have a new center for creative play is an important struggle.

Parents need help. Pittsburgh should be known as a great place to raise a family.

When you have a baby -- your life changes. When you have a baby and child that isn't easy -- life gets very different. For most, this "change" isn't just different -- but it is difficult. Even with an easy child, there are difficult moments.

Thanks Mara.

Let's put another "Center for Creative Play" together -- or ten of them -- within our communities in the months and years to come.

That place was 'sacred' -- 'valued' -- 'timeless' -- and 'caring.'

It should NOT go away forever.

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