Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chelsea Clinton campaigns on South Side - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Chelsea Clinton campaigns on South Side - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Clinton was introduced by Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, who noted that he and Clinton are both 28 years old were born 21 days apart, he on Feb. 6, 1980, and she on Feb. 27 of that year.

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Anonymous said...

Did Luke the King Boy and Bruce Kraus make up at Penny's Place today during Chelsea's visit?

Even though I'm pretty sure that I'm not voting for H. Clinton, it is nice to see her daughter doing some PR for her. Good job Chelsea and thanks for visiting Pittsburgh's best city neighborhood.

I heard that Kraus was intentionally not invited the event, as was upset at the fact he was not. I guess Kraus was upset he did not get some face time on the camera or in the news.

Sour grapes :(

Kraus is getting a lesson in Pittsburgh City Council 101 - don't talk crap on the Mayor in the newspapers.