Thursday, March 13, 2008

Marty Griffin drools over administration and spits on council

He asks callers to name one thing that city council has done. Matt H called and said that Dan D helped to re-open the Zone 4 police station. That got half a point, as the measure was also championed by the mayor's office.
The phones were not ringing, so I pondered what to say and finally gave Marty a call. But, the time had expired. Marty was whistling the scarecrow song from Wizard of Oz, "If I only had a brain."

What has city council done?

Humm... I have my own theme song. "Think Again." (My wife asks if they 'think at all?')


  • Only one is presently in jail (Twanda C.)

  • Council invited OVERLORDS into Pittsburgh. We now have two sets of overlords and neither are getting kicked out of town.

  • There was the "Bubble Bill." (I hated it.) But, the bubble bill did withstand a recent court challenge.

  • I favor campaign finance reform measures -- but Peduto has kept that on back burner. And his wishes are not exactly what I desire.

  • Nonetheless, we need a balance of power in gov. So, council does NEED to get on its feet for city to have any hope of a revival.

    Earlier in the hour, Jim Motznik was a guest on the program to talk about the billboards. We can't outlaw or put a moratorium on billboards.

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