Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hogan got a National Parenting Award for his book!

The National Parenting Publications Awards have named “The Modern Mom’s Guide to Dads” ( authored by my friend, Hogan Hilling, as a 2008 Gold Award recipient. NAPPA Parenting Resources winners are considered to be the best in books, CDs, baby gear and other innovative products that make parenting easier and more enjoyable.

Way to go Hogan.

Hogan came to Pittsburgh a while ago and gave a talk to a national meeting at the Hilton. I have a copy of that presentation and should make it available with a new interface some day. I often give it to new parents as a gift on 2 audio CDs.


Pittsburgh could and should brand itself as the ideal place to parent.

When the economy sours -- playing with your kids is in one great activity. It is cheap. And, it is rewarding too. We have a good culture of parenting here, in this region. With some attention, outreach and devotion -- it could be a GREAT CULTURE for parenting and community!

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