Monday, March 17, 2008

My $.02 comments got air time via Marty G on KDKA Radio

I sent in my reactions to the St. Pat's Day madness on the South Side to Marty G at KDKA Radio. He was asking how things went throughout the parade and day of parties.

I didn't save my exact words. I hit submit nad sent them to Marty and he read them on the air.


Our front door was broken. Open containers, urine on the street and goofy behaviors were everywhere. Called 911 for a girl-fight at midnight. Enforcement was fleeting.
St. Patrick's revelers cause heaps of litter: "St. Patrick's revelers cause heaps of litter
A caller to the show suggested that the St. Pat's Parade was not different this year from past years.

The contrast between this day an other days with parades is huge. There are not drunks at 9 am at the Christmas, Labor, Memorial nor flavor-of-the week parades. People like to go downtown. But, do the drinks need to flow as often?

If I'm mayor, I'd give serious consideration to ending the St. Pat's Parade -- just as the South Side Summer Street Spectacular was ended. The SSSSS was a drunken stumble for many years and its ending was a blessing.

People involved with the St. Pat's festivities need to look in the mirror. Shame and guilt seem to work in some quarters. Guess that is why God invented hang-overs.

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