Thursday, March 13, 2008

My comment at 2 Political Junkies - on city cars being taken home by employees

Blogger: 2 Political Junkies - Post a Comment Repeat after me, 10 times if you are of the Dem party: 'Purse strings.'

Repeat it 100-times if you are elected to city council.

They need to -- they MUST -- attack at the money aspects.

For example: Any car that is not in the parking lot (city car pool) nets a $50 fine for the last person to have that car -- and $150 charge back to the employee's department.

That is just at the top of my head, quickly. The point of the matter is that money, policy, charges, and fines can be put into legislation and not into management -- IF -- they are creative. Trouble is -- they (city council members) don't know purpose and they (city council) are not creative. And, they don't have the moxie to do what must be done.

The fight has to be about purse strings. Otherwise, council stays meaningless.

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