Wednesday, March 12, 2008

City Controller sends warning signals to pals in other city departments

The city controller, Michael Lamb, is setting himself and his department for doing the baseline of what's called for in the job. He will do audits. This is more than what has happened in the past. But, it comes with big warning signals to other deparments. Get your books in order now.
Pittsburgh City Controller to audit City Council, other agencies - Pittsburgh Business Times: Pittsburgh City Controller Michael Lamb said Wednesday he will audit City Council and eight other city departments before the end of the year.

Future audits will cover the Allegheny Regional Asset District Trust Fund, employee worker's compensation procedures, the city housing authority and earned income tax. The city controller's office is currently auditing the city's police property room, Office of Municipal Investigations, Bureau of Building Inspection and emergency medical services.

The city charter requires performance audits of all city agencies, trusts council and units of government at least every four years. Mayor Luke Ravenstahl endorsed the audit schedule, according to a statement.
I'd love to see the controller do 'surprise audits.' Don't give a warning.

And, do some 'spot' audits too. Look for system audits. Turn records over to electronic systems. Have open access for the public on transactions within all the departments of the city and authorities.

There are about a thousand things to do -- and with this news, we find out that the bare basics are expected.

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