Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ugly News: Center For Creative Play is closing

This is bad, bad news.
Swissvale's Center For Creative Play is closing MondaySwissvale's Center For Creative Play is closing Monday
I took my kid to this place often. We went when it was in Station Square. And, we went when it moved out by the parkway east in Swissvale. Of course, as our kids grew, we didn't go.

My one boy held a birthday party there. It was one special place for lots of great reasons.

I hope the media sticks on this story and finds out why it is closing. What went wrong? What are the bills? Did the nonprofit weenies just fumble their duties?

Tell us! We really want to know. We want to be certain that this does NOT happen again.

Update, a new blog:

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cfcp remembered said...

I have started a blog where people can go and share their stories about the Center for Creative Play and how it supported their families. it is