Monday, March 17, 2008

Making a Recession Great

Making a Recession Great House Democrats recently adopted a budget with massive tax hikes, many of which are directed at those Americans who can least afford them. By allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire in 2010, this budget will raise income taxes not only on those in the highest income brackets, but raises the lowest bracket from 10% to 15% as well. Estates would again be taxed at 55%. The child tax credit would drop from $1000 to $500. Senior citizens relying on investment income would be hurt by increases in dividend and capital gains taxes. It's not just that the Democrats want to raises taxes on the rich. They want to raises taxes on everybody.
This is why I'm of a third party.

Ds want to tax and spend.
Rs want to borrow and spend.

Ron Paul says policing the world is expensive. The D's budget gives the President all the funding he needs for foreign policy.

In another blog elsewhere I asked a fellow blogger why he took off his candidate campaign button while standing with others at a peace rally. Wars are all about the break down of the political process. Today's wars that Americans are funding are the result of too many willing Ds and Rs.

Of course people want to take off their campaign buttons and stand for peace, hoping that an end of war is going to be nonpolitical. Dream on.
Many so-called "Iraq War critics," criticize this administration rather than truly opposing the decades old policies that led to war. They claim they will eventually get the troops out of Iraq, but the danger is that they simply plan to move them around to other countries, not bring them home. The American people want peace.
I agree with Doctor Ron Paul. Americans do want peace.

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