Monday, March 24, 2008

Pittsburgh Dish: Mail Call - hits at home with St. Pat's madness and South Side

Pittsburgh Dish: Mail Call: "Non-family zone?

When Mayor Luke Ravenstahl decided to close Market Square early on March 15 to preserve the 'family' orientation of the St. Patrick's Day parade events in Downtown Pittsburgh, he had decided that since many St. Patrick's Day revelers went to the South Side after the parade, they could just go there several hours earlier to drink.

When he unleashed all the St. Patrick's Day drinkers on us, I can only conclude that he thinks there are no families in the South Side and, hence, no need to preserve a 'family' orientation there.
Then comes the reply from the dish.

My reply to her reply to the above letter follows:

We did buy our property before there was the massive bar influx. Our house and our move came in 1990.

When we arrived, there were many church and schools. They've torn many of them down or closed them since. And, we had a lot of seniors too. Women who lived decades beyond their husbands. Sadly, these folks are fewer and fewer too.

Things change. I'm okay with that.

The main point is St. Pat's Day being a 'family friendly' event, so wished Luke. What a joke.

I saw lots of police at 8:30 am -- to protect the candidate and such. Few were around at later parts of the day, but they were here.

More can be done. Creativity is needed. Advance planning is welcomed.

And, the events are piss poor for those who come to visit as well as those who live here.

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