Thursday, March 20, 2008

Two board members deride city schools' proposed code of conduct

Two board members deride city schools' proposed code of conduct: "The Pittsburgh school board is considering a code of conduct that supporters described as a move toward better government and critics called an effort to curb criticism of Superintendent Mark Roosevelt.
There is NOTHING that should be in the zone of "confidentiality of privileged information" with a school board member -- other than that of a specific student. And, the board should NOT be dealing with specific students, unless that student is the son or daughter of that board member. Then the board member is a "parent" and not really operating as an elected official as a steward of a public institution.

Privileged information does exits in other very small corners of the duties of board members. There are employee matters and land deals where it would make sense to NOT blab. But, these are tiny elements of the jobs.

They want to make more and more be called privileged. Then they can call for 'marshall law' and make a smack-down to those who object with their voices.

Schools have been closed and then re-opened. Fine. Likewise, tests have been failed and then taken later and passed.

You can't get to third grade and forget everything that happened in first grade. What is past is past. But, it is still something that can be talked about.

Where is that "proposed" code? Can it be sent to me via email or else posted in this thread?

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Anonymous said...

The entire code should be posted on for the world to see. I do not like the secrecy tone to the code. I do not want to know about personnel matters and for them to be talked about in a public forum is wrong. I am sure at some point a parent or two had a good idea about something. They probably could improve on PPS ideas if they are at least able to hear/see the discussion. If you saw the article on CEP in the PG, ask yourself if CEP would be open to renegotiating (giving a discount?) the fees for this year if the topic had not been discussed at a public board meeting on Wednesdy. There is real value to having most topics open for all to comment on.