Monday, March 17, 2008

Going Irish

Anne sent this. I also suggest you hook up with Johnsmith, singer of the tune, "Don't Put Me In a Box."
Happy St Patrick's Day!

I know that sometimes you're too busy to read the Fellow Travelers' Advisory from cover to cover. If you've missed this invitation in past newsletters, I hope that this St Pat's Day you'll take a second to learn about the three fabulous tours of Ireland that I'm organizing for this summer...

If you found yourself somewhere this past weekend swilling green beer and listening to a band singing "McNamara's Band" you may be asking yourself if that was an authentic Irish experience.... How I'd love to show you what Ireland is REALLY about...

Music, culture, politics, poetry, history, scenery ... (not to mention Guinness Stout!) ... Ireland has it all... and I'd love to show it to you. And now, thanks to my wonderful Irish partner, Tom Pigott, of Enchanted Way Tours, I can...

I'm leading small tours to the west of Ireland this summer on:

June 10-19 (filling up fast!)
August 15-24 (only one seat left!)
September 30- October 9th

The $1750 cost of this tour includes ALL ground transportation, ALL accommodations, ALL breakfasts, THREE dinners AND admission to many many special events... making this an extraordinary value, not to mention WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much fun!

Tom and I will show you the 'best of the west' -- the real Ireland. I really hope you can join us ... if not this year, then next...

Thanks for your interest in my music -- I hope your St Pat's
celebrations are lots of fun. I'll be wearin' the green today and
doing two shows in Ft Myers, FL (but I won't be singing McNamara's

All the best


PS - For all three of these tours, I'd expect the weather to be San Francisco-like... warm in the sun, cool in the shade, chilly by the seaside... light layers, a fleece vest, a snuggy sweater, windbreaker & a pair of good walking shoes ... and you're packed! these trips will be casual, filled with wonderful adventures - and you'll travel with the coolest people in the world - activists from all over the US, Canada, Sweden & Denmark... I really hope you'll come along!

and if my dates don't work for you, take a look at Tom's website... other wonderful artists are leading similar tours all summer long...

April 15 - 24 - Chuck Brodsky
May 27 - June 5 - Dana Cooper
June 10 - June 19 - Anne Feeney
July 5 - July 14 - Brian Mallon
July 16 - July 25 - Johnsmith
July 29 - Aug 7 - Johnsmith
Aug 15 - Aug 24 - Anne Feeney
Aug 26 - Sept 4 - Kate Mc Donnell
Sept 6 - Sept 15 - Johnsmith
Sept 17 - Sept 26 - Johnsmith
Sept 30 - Oct 9 - Anne Feeney
Oct 14 - Oct 23 - Montgomery Delaney

Tom's website is full of great information about the tours as well..

Hope to see you in Ireland!

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