Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Signs of time: Digital ad fight spreads across city

This is a good reason to NOT try to impose a moratorium. Dumb non solutions can backfire.
Signs of time: Digital ad fight spreads across city: "Lamar Advertising submitted applications to transform many of its signs, including 10 Downtown, from vinyl to light emitting diode technology late Monday, just in time to beat a moratorium Pittsburgh City Council imposed yesterday.
I'll blame Bruce Kraus for this.

Kraus is counter productive.

Kraus needs a speech coach. Or, he needs to speak only about his feelings and nothing else.

Kraus wants a cooling off. He should bit his lip and say little to nothing.

People on council don't get to 'cool off the marketplace.' To govern isn't to tell those in the private sector what to do. Kraus wanted Lamar to remove its permit -- as part of a 'will of council' statement that he didn't have the moxie to bring to a vote.

I fear to ask what it is that Kraus is trying to 'accomplish.'

There is a hearing tomorrow. Watch the Pitt game instead. The fast breaks will be quicker there. Some seeding.

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Anonymous said...

Mark: who in there right mind would want to bring business here? Billboards are a way to market your business, they have been used for many years. Why now is this such an issue? As technology evolves, so does the marketplace. Why is council steering the marketplace?