Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Swimming is on FIRE with 11 World Records since Feb

Speedo has a new swim suit. It is getting blamed for the recent rash of broken world records. Eleven have been set in the last month or so.
SWIMNEWS ONLINE - Swimming News, Swim Meet Results, Swimming World Rankings, Swim Links, Calendar: "11th world record to be set since February 16
The debate is started.

When is a swim suit really a speed boat?

Are two propellers the limit?

Can suits be worn in a second meet -- or do they have to be thrown out because they wear out?

I would never post anything on my blog about naked swimming -- nor the use of ONLY spray on suits. But, it should be part of that debate.

updated (repost of what I had in the message boards at collegeswimming forum):


In WEIGHTLIFTING, when new suits arrived, they made a big impact upon performances. There is a bit of history there. The discussion about wraps and such is sorta similar. Those suits were (are) expensive as well.

In GOLF, many on the tour use clubs (now it is the putter) that are NOT available to others.

In CHINA, they have a great culture and work ethic -- if you can call it that -- of doing 'knock off products.' Trademarks and the copyright of designs, logos and such are given only fleeting attention.

It will be interesting to see how the suits are 'cloned' by the 'tailors' in the east. Fake wristwatches, fake Gucci bags, and soon, the fake LZR. Looks like a $800 suit -- but -- performs like a nano-impaired swimmer from the 1960s.

And as for these coaches that have contracts with other (non Speedo) brands. Does it really matter in helping or hurting the swimmer as to what suit the coach is wearing?

Finally, I'm holding out and waiting for the $10 swim suit that comes from a spay-on (aerosol) can! You can only wear it once. But, each can has dozens of applications. All are custom fit.


Told ya. A 'good coach' can position (the suit) as a positive.
SWIMNEWS ONLINE - Swimming News, Swim Meet Results, Swimming World Rankings, Swim Links, Calendar: "The way I think about it for the Canadians is that while others will have already had a chance to wear it and swim fast, the Canadians will have a little extra mental edge knowing that they have not yet worn it. A good coach can position it as a positive.'"


Anonymous said...

Mark: the suits have very little to do are not to blame (credit). Nutrition has become such a science and plays a huge part in world class athletes. I credit the records to better and improving nutrition.

Anonymous said...

Where did you hear about spray-on suits?

Mark Rauterkus said...

I made up the idea of spay on suits. Or, I heard of em a long time ago and just thought of it again. Depends if I'm feeling in my Hillary mood or just being human.

I did post a bit over at the college swimming message boards on this too.

Being silly.