Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Council Getting Lawyered Up! (hat tip to comet)

Bram talks about city council. I offered my opinions and solutions there, repeated below.
The Pittsburgh Comet: Council Getting Lawyered Up! Council Getting Lawyered Up!

Repeat after me: Purse strings.

If council is upset with the present city attorney -- and I called for his head years ago as he is nearly worthless -- then council needs to nuke that department's funds. Starve em.

Meanwhile, our council would NEVER spend less. They'd rather spend DOUBLE. Pay those that don't do the work. And, pay new sources to do work you want, even if it amounts to little.

The needs of the city will not be realized upon the hiring of more lawyers.

I say the city could move ahead more quickly after it fires a bunch of lawyers. Move forward and fire all the lawyers.

My solution: I'd love to see city council go to the OVERLORDS and get their lawyers to do the necessary legal wranglings for the super majority will of city council. But, council doesn't have a super majority. And, council is still going to be paying for the mayor's attorney. And, council does not have a clue as to how to navigate its way out of a wet paper bag.

Marty G on KDKA Radio is playing the song from the Wiz of Oz, "If I Only Had a Brain."

Jim Motznik comes on the show and objects to the song. Then Motznik defends the mayor's.

Jim Motznik says: Jim's Aunt goes to different doctors until she gets the diagnosis she wants. We have a law department. We should not be wasting taxpayer money to get our own attorney.

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