Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hits close to home: Speaking of voters moving out of the "R" party for the chance to vote on the "D" side, well...

The bump from the 2001 primary has ended.
Republicans switching sides at voter registration deadline Republicans switching sides at voter registration deadline
My wife, a voter in the R party since my campaign for mayor as a 'free market republican' in 2001, finished the paperwork to become a D party voter.

I'm still NOT eligible to vote in the April 22, 2008, primary as it is closed to Libertarians.

My wife had been staying in the "R" party to give the vote to Ron Paul. But, the buzz with the D candidates was too much for her to ignore. She wanted her vote in that primary and we got the papers into the election office last week.

When I ran for mayor, as a Republican, I was able to get more than 100 others to join me and be "Rs" and vote for me in the primary. I don't have the exact amount. But I personally helped more than 100 become Rs then. My wife was in that boat too, until Friday.

We still have the Ron Paul sign in the window. She wishes, as do I, that votes could be devoted to Ron Paul, R. Oh well.

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