Tuesday, March 11, 2008

City school career, technical courses to get major changes

City school career, technical courses to get major changes Saying the district's career and technical programs have been poorly operated, Pittsburgh Public Schools officials last night proposed a sweeping overhaul that would organize revitalized programs into eight 'academies of excellence' and provide more central-office oversight.
The poor operation of Pgh's career and technical programs is the blame of the present administration and the board.

The root of the poor operations is the loss of South Vo Tech High School.

When South Vo Tech closed, there was a promise to do something else -- something better.

Well, nearly a generation of students have been lost. The thing to have done was evolve South. To put something else in place before South was closed.

There are so many jobs going out of the region -- and worse -- out of the country. There are some jobs that can't move like others. Plumbers are needed here -- on these pipes in our buildings.

Heating and Air Conditioning workers are needed here. We can't export that like we can 'robotics.'

If cosmetology leads to state certification -- then ask how many have been state certified? Hint: Often the fingers on one hand can reveal the answer.

If the district cared about drop out rates, they would NOT have closed South Vo Tech in such a rapid and unthoughtful way.

Many of the students that were at South were in their second or third high school. South wasn't perfect. But, it was a school that kept kids motivated. It helped get kids to graduation -- and into the workplace.

Everyone isn't cut out for college at age 16 or 17. And, the PPS had a top administrator who forced college on everyone. The trades were discounted. Hence, drop outs became the only option.

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