Friday, March 28, 2008

Dogs chase tails, the next round. Kraus' non-solution spins in place.

Spin. Productivity's arrival is seldom -- if ever. Spin around and around and go only around.
Council cancels meeting with solicitor on billboards Council President Doug Shields said yesterday that he nixed an executive session that had been set for Monday. Instead, moratorium sponsor Councilman Bruce Kraus and Mr. Specter will work privately to resolve concerns about the resolution's legality.
Kraus says that the sign technology is moving like lightening. Therefore, he calls for a break to take a deep breath.

That is an approach of failure.

The closed door sessions are also NOT welcomed.

It must be dizzy for them to be in the middle of their folly.


Anonymous said...

The bigger issue is what about bringing all of the people to the table for their 2 cents?

Well, this is a perfect example of how Kraus operates. No one at the table, and a closed door meeting.

It stinks. The closed door session needs to open to the public.

Typical Pittsburgh SOP!

Anonymous said...

I really am scared when a major issue becomes before this council...are they actually able to perform to reach solutions?

We should increase the number of council people and decrease the salaries. Too few people have too much of a say in important issues.

In this matter, it shows that a few are making a small issue, a large one, wasting time.

Bruce Kraus needs to realize time is money. Council - quit wasting your time and get the real issues of this city?

What are we doing about the looming debt? Oh way, I guess the electronic billboards is the solution!

Mark Rauterkus said...

I've always said, "replace, redirect, then reform. It needs to happen in that order.

Replace the folly. Replace the small-mindedness. Replace the ALL ONE PARTY slate of 9 candidates.

Then -- we can re-direct.

Finally, we reform.

I do NOT want to reform council with the same people that are there now calling the shots.

Otherwise, I fully agree. They are a 'sink' -- a waste of time.