Monday, March 31, 2008

Swimmer faces charge after nightclub fight - Monday March 31, 2008 2:06AM

Swimmer faces charge after nightclub fight: Swimmer Nick D'Arcy was charged Monday with assault following a nightclub altercation several hours after being named to Australia's Olympic team for Beijing.
After the swim meet, before the Olympics, a hockey game broke out down under.

In some cultures, sports is just an excuse to drink. I bet, and I'm not a betting type, drinking had a role in this fray. It is bad when the people in the sports get into the celebrations and drinking.

It will be interesting to see what the Australians do about this. And, it will be interesting to learn of more of the details.

In China -- drinking behviors and public intoxication is NOT often seen. You just don't do that there.

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Anonymous said...

I think D'Arcy is just an immature brat who doesn't deserve to represent Australia.

I can't believe that he thinks of quitting the sport altogether out of this incident. If he truly loves swimming, then he shouldn't let one incident stopping the rest of his career. If he doesn't, then good riddance. Bye bye Nick.

His coach's comment about an unjust decision to drop him off from the team... is just downright dumb! His coach should be telling D'Arcy that it's unjust to punch another person.

The coach also said that D'Arcy wasn't looking for trouble, trouble found him. Puhleeeseee, judging from the troubles D'Arcy had done in the past, it is the brat himself who created troubles.

In summary, screw D'Arcy, screw the coach. Australia shouldn't be associated with such figures.

p.s.: Nick is a typical idiot young white Aussies redneck. There are too many of them in Australia.