Saturday, March 22, 2008

Overlords are expensive and have attorneys

The city's law department is not worth a wooden nickel. City council should lean upon the OVERLORDS for NECESSARY legal advice.

In a longer blog thread at the BurghReport I posted:

This discussion on the different branches of government -- admin vs. council -- seems to ignore the HUGE elements that don't fit within the city charter nor tradition: OVERLORDS.

Pgh has Act 47 and ICA teams. Double trouble. New to the landscape when talking tradition.

The killer talk that came this week was about 'PARTNERSHIPS.' The city admin acts as 'partners' with the OVERLORDS, so we heard from Mr. Specter.

Well, I don't want to see the OVERLORDS in "partnership" with the city's administrators. The OVERLORDS are here to insure that the city's elected leaders TERMINATE their overspending ways of the past.

The ONLY partnership from the OVERLORDS should land on the side of being prudent with finances.

Mr. Specter: Don't 'hijack' the state OVERLORDs and try to sell them as partners in a power struggle.

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