Monday, January 05, 2009

Another poll

That's a Wrap: Ends Round One of Ideas for Change: The first round of's Ideas for Change in America contest, to which techPresident is a partner, has wrapped with about 250,000 total votes. The second phase launched this morning, and participants have 10 new votes to confer upon their top ideas. This round will run through the 15th, and the results will be presented to the Obama administration at the National Press Club the next day. In an early lead with 398 votes is "Pass Marriage Equality Rights for LGBT couples nationwide" (an idea, you might notice, that Obama opposes). Asked what happens if, say, legalizing marijuana is the top item, managing editor Josh Levy* tells me this: "Then we work with our non-profit partners to build a social movement around that idea, and try to actually get it done."

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