Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Deadline for Dems -- come and gone

Death often comes in stages.
Deadline approaching for candidates who want Democrats' endorsement: ".

Mayoral contenders have to pay the Allegheny County Democratic Committee $3,500 to seek the party's endorsement at its vote March 8. Common Pleas Court candidates have to pay $2,500, county row office contenders $2,750 and City Council hopefuls $1,500. The charges are greater than they have been previously.

'That's a pretty hefty sum of money,' said city Councilman Patrick Dowd, who is considering a mayoral bid. 'One could ask if that's a sort of barrier to entry, at least as far as endorsement goes.'
The best reasons for being of a third party are often delivered by the leadership of the ruling party.

These fees are expensive. The fees are not equal to the value delivered.

I don't want government to be run like a business.
"It is a business and we have to run it that way...

The purpose of a political party is NOT to be a business.

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