Thursday, January 29, 2009

RootsCamp Pittsburgh wrap up and Dan Onorato's speech

We talked about some interesting concepts:

RootsCamp is a great concept and its first event in Pittsburgh was a fine gathering. Sadly, it was on the same day as the Black & White Reunion. Oh well. I tried to get them to work together, but it could not happen, so I was told.

RootsCamp is to happen on Saturday in Philly. Go if you can.

RootsCamp didn't get a lot of support from certain sectors. It did well with the union groups and some progressives, of course. But there is a lot of people that should gather that was missing. Wish I had seen more from the PodCamp gang, Rustbelt bloggers, the film makers, PCTV, church groups, school advocates and new age plus eco folks. Oh well. We had a nice audience.

Dan Onorato was given the podium at RootsCamp Pittsburgh on Saturday. A welcome would be fine. His was a long welcome. Very long. But, the US Steelworkers insisted he be given the time and they did a wonderful job of hosting. So, host rules.

I flipped on my video camera and got this, in two parts.

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Anonymous said...

rootscamp sounded like fightclub...