Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just used LinkedIn to post to Pgh Public Schools forum

Hi Folks with an interest in Pgh Public Schools at LinkedIn,

Here is a FYI about Frick Middle School, located in Oakland, now in its last school year.

Yesterday (WED) the swimmers at Frick had their last city championships and won, again, easily. I'll put a few races onto my blog by the end of the day.

Today, (Thurs) there are two city-wide basketball championship game for boys and for girls (Middle School). Frick is in both games and the games are at Frick. The one starts about 2 or so and the other following. Frick has fine teams there too.

So, if your in Oakland and want to cheer -- and visit the school -- while it is still a middle school -- drop by.

I'm sad to see Frick close. It has been a good school on most fronts. Next year the school flips to a botique school and rumor has it that there will be NO afterschool activities. NONE. Zippo.

Go figure.

Update: I was told these are only playoff games and not the championship game today.


PPSparent said...

Where did the no after school activities concept come from? Last I knew they were still trying to explain how they could fit twice as many teams (middle and high school) into Reizenstein's gym (which is smaller than the one at Schenley) and pool.

No afterschool activities would also mean very little to write on your college apps and on your IB creativity/action/service forms...

Mark Rauterkus said...

I heard it was posted onto the Sci-Tech School's web site. Something like there will be no afterschool activities in the first year.

I do NOT think that policy is going to fly nor be proposed at the I.B. High / Schenley.

PPSparent said...

Ahh. Yes, I've heard that they're going with more of a "CAPA model" for sci-tech -- if you want those things, you have to somehow find out about them and get yourself back to your "neighborhood" high school if you want to participate.

It surely makes it harder to have all the things colleges want to see if you have to piece it together yourself and don't have options where you already are.

Anonymous said...

Really, would anyone have favored this model if the public had been consulted ahead of time?

And yet, a year or two from now they'll be scratching their heads and wondering why enrollment is low.

Mark Rauterkus said...

If you go to Shady Side Academy, you MUST play sports. Meanwhile, if you go to Pgh Public Schools -- (often it seems, is the trend) -- you CAN'T play sports.

It isn't really that bad, yet. And, it can't turn into that. But, that is what some seem to want.