Thursday, January 15, 2009

If you followed me on TWITTER, you'd know of the "bird strike"

Some wild thoughts fit on blogs. Some fit elsewhere -- as in a twit via Twitter. I'm @Rauterkus.

The Hudson River crash and rescue was about a bird strike. Those words, "bird strike," were used in some news reports today.

Bird strike. Humm.... Omen? 3 of 4 squads in NFL games have birds as mascot: Eagles, Cardinals, Ravens. (Seahawks = out) Everyone survives.

That's one of the last things we want to see this weekend. First, I'm flying to Florida on Friday. So, let's keep the safety streak alive. And second, we've got some football to watch as well.

Many are talking about the 'Turnpike SuperBowl.' Let's just insure that the men of Steel make is a game where the feathers fly from only one team, not two.

Yes, birds may have been the cause of the downing of the US Airways flight today on the Hudson. But, everyone lived. What could that 'signify?'


Were the football gods sending a message?

Well, as stated above -- some things are best left for twitter -- and not well suited for blogs. This is one perfect example.

How did the Mighty Ducks do on the ice today?

Is the Jets QB going to return for next year?

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