Thursday, January 15, 2009

Poll results: More want Pitt to win NCAA Hoops title than Steelers to get SuperBowl win

More people in Pittsburgh are more hungry for a win in the Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament by Pitt than a Steelers victory in this year's SuperBowl. Furthermore, nearly as many are wishing for a successful run as a participant in the Pittsburgh Marathon than are wishing for the Steelers sixth SuperBowl trophy.

March Madness could grip this town to a much stronger degree than the SuperBowl frenzy from Steelers Nation.

But stay tuned -- as May 3, 2009, brings the return of the Pittsburgh Marathon. Many friends, neighbors and running mates are gearing up for the challege now -- so as to complete the race around town -- 26.2 miles. The marathon will be a big event for the city. But, the build up in training, conditioning and overall fitness for the runners is an on-going struggle now underway.

I'd love to see all three: A SuperBowl win plus a great run in the NCAA tournament for Pitt plus a mega field of local runners for a splendid day in early May. I might gear up for the half-marathon, but I'm not going to go to the brink in that quest.

If I had one wish in 2009 for the sports sector, as framed, I'd have to go with a personal one -- running the marathon. My time: 2:59.10.

Today is a good day to hit the treadmill and not eat a loaf of 9-grain bread.

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