Friday, January 23, 2009

Pittsburgh Hoagie covers candidate Q&A: Georgia

Three cheers to Matt Hogue for getting insights from candidates in the special election for city council district 2 out into the view of others. Well done Matt. Keep up the great work on your blog.

Now, let's take a look at the statements from Georgia.

Pittsburgh Hoagie: All meat no filler: "Pittsburgh City Council candidate Georgia Blotzer was gracious enough to answer some questions about his campaign."

My replies to her answers. I've reposted these remarks from the comments at Matt's blog. Go there to sustain the conversation, please.

Thanks for taking a lead on these Q&As. Wonderful.

My $.02 replies to her remarks follow.

Those interested in responsible and sustainable development should be "developers" in the private sector. You can't do -- it is impossible -- development from the public sector. Those that want to do that need to be embraced in the private sector and disgraced if they dare step within the public / elected world.

When the policitians become the developers, then the developers begin to write the laws.

The way to structure development is to leave it alone within the realm of gov and insure that gov is fair, just, trusted, honest, open. Care -- but never dabble (gov folks).

Once the foundation is provided with gov -- then private money will arrive, without the bribes.

A land-tax policy would do the most to end vacant and abandoned property. That should be the long range plan.

In 5 and 10 years, I want my community to look like things that are hard to visualize -- because it needs to be free and smart. Looks are skin deep. Beijing was spotless in August 2008. I do want that litter control, but not the associated acts of repression.

A BBI overhaul = good thing. Okay answer.

Good to have candidates standing for office.

I don't want people to support needs of the residents of Dist 2 -- unless those needs are about freedom, liberties and constitutional elements. The 'selfishness' of our politicians causes the over-reaching crap that we are swamped by now.

Why didn't the #1 campaign finance reform reformer speak when the issue was before council twice (if not dozens of times) in the past?

Be beholden to concepts of freedom and justice -- not your union card and diploma.


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Thanks though!

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