Thursday, January 29, 2009

Triple deities, we've got. We need a wizard with crystal ball

Last night's visitors from Pgh Public Schools central administration at the community meeting hosted by the Bloomfield Garfield Corp ended with a remark by me pointing out that they are much like a triple header. The triadic does fine -- but -- we need vision statements from their boss.
Triple deities - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Triple deities.
Meet 'Tetra.' She is mythical.

There was no 'ill will' on my part to the school's administrators. As we concluded the long meeting, we need to understand where the real power resides. Power isn't within community groups, the PPS board, nor high-ranking administrators. It is with the superintendent.

Wikipedia (edited slightly):

Tetra is a young female pirate who causes a start of a journey. She was left to lead the group of pirates. She notices the wielding of the Master Sword. She periodically helps during a quest. Later her true identity is revealed: she is a Princess. Elsewhere, she is taken by the mysterious Ghost Ship, and the king must rescue her.

Tetra is important and we've got three. But golly, let's get the master sword singer as it feels as if we're on a ghost ship ride with Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Sorry Sam.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Sam's story and role is rooted as the head of the Zombies. More on that another day.