Friday, January 23, 2009

Do an extra assignment

I posted, again, at the PureReform blog in the wake of a discussion about NCLB (No Child Left Behind).

You know, if the tools in NCLB have measures and benchmarks that are not 'just' nor 'accurate' -- and I think this might be spot on -- then why not issue another, better, more insightful report card and measurement stick with the corresponding tic marks.

Do another report card.

Sure, you gotta do what the NCLB forumla requires, if you want to dance that dance. Understood.

But, great leaders would go above and beyond. They could make their own data open and assign ways to measure and report those facts.

I hear a lot of moans -- but -- the proof is in the performance and the story that can be delivered and supported by the paid leadership of the district.

Sure, pull out the special ed folks. Put them on a different scale. Then what?

Life and our schools are an open book test. Do the homework. Then, do an extra assignment. Go above and beyond. Make challenges that greatly exceed what is required.

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