Thursday, January 08, 2009

Say it isn't so.

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We have good news, then it is bad news. We'd love to have #25 stay at Pitt next year.

In other school news. the PureReform blog is reporting that the I.B. High / Jr. High is going to have a full class of 150 students in grades 9 and 6 for the fall of 2009. There might be some wiggle room, yet, unsure, for next years 7th and 8th.

Furthermore, Dr. Walters has been named the principal for the new school. He is presently at Frick Middle School. This is wonderful news for us and the program.

The Sci and Tech School is also in great position with the number of students who are slated to enter in the fall of 2009 as well.


Anonymous said...

Talk to some teachers about their feelings about Dr. Walters. There's definitely a disconnect between parent feelings and teacher feelings. There have been a lot of great teachers that have left as well.

Mostly the concerns seem to center on a lack of back-up for discipline -- any teacher sending a student to the office for any reason was observed to see what s/he had done wrong in dealing with that student. I don't have a problem with looking at the teacher's actions, but when it's the only thing looked at seriously, there's a problem.

At least with more school closings and changes likely, maybe the best teachers will stay out of a lack of anywhere else to go.

Dr. Walters does emphasize extracurriculars and the arts, which is great, and certainly we need principals with those interests.

Anonymous said...

boy, that 3-0 lost must be weighing on him. Bowl loss vs. millons of dollars - its a no brainer.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps Pittsburgh should run Shady for Mayor.

Mark Rauterkus said...


Pitt's McCoy will go to NFL draft
Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
University of Pittsburgh star running back LeSean McCoy has decided to forego his remaining eligibility and enter the 2009 NFL Draft, ending months of speculation on the subject.

In a statement released by Pitt's Athletic Department, McCoy said, "During my two years at Pitt, I have received an overwhelming amount of love and acceptance, starting from my first visit to the university all the way through the end of this season. I have been treated with respect, class and consideration. For that I am incredibly grateful.

"I will always cherish the opportunity Pitt has given me. I wore number 25 with pride and tried to represent my coaches, teammates, staff and Panther fans with class. I would like to thank everyone involved with the Pitt football program for a wonderful two years in Pittsburgh."

In the same statement, head coach Dave Wannstedt said of McCoy, "When you have exceptionally gifted players, you realize the NFL can be a reality sooner rather than later. Certainly that is the case with LeSean and we worked to make sure he had all the information needed to make the best decision about his pro prospects.

"I know firsthand how enticing the NFL can be for young men, both financially and from the standpoint of realizing a lifelong dream of playing pro football. I told LeSean he would always have our support and we wish him only the very, very best."