Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Roosevelt rallies school district employees on in-service day

If it has taken more than three years to get together with the teachers, is it going to take 30 to get with the parents and taxpayers?
Roosevelt rallies school district employees on in-service day: "'I guess I'm apologizing that I haven't done it before,' Mr. Roosevelt said of the joint meeting.
Jeepers, what where you waiting for? And, why are you only going to 'guess' about apoligizing.

Do students get to guess on their tests in school?

Too bad the entire city wasn't invited to the event. I had pondered going in with my video camera. But, I've been tossed out of too many meetings in the past years to fuss with that.
Would be nice to see or hear the audio of the entire speech however. Anyone? P-G?

Getting together with people seems like a good 'people person activity' for -- say -- a people centric activity.

The district does not have the resource to make an academic revitalization -- unless it couples with the parents, residents, citizens, voters, taxpayers -- and the rest of the world.

Doing the Pittsburgh Promise, but excluding the rest of the world, is one way to make it fail.

Holding meetings with only teachers and not the rest of the city is another way to make it fail.

All the king's horses and all the king's men won't be able to put Humpty together again. However, it will take everyone's insight and help. And, he won't look just like he used to.

The brawn of courage is often displayed at the time of invitation. That's the brawn of recruitment. With enough leverage -- anything is possible.


Anonymous said...

Wondering if the administration considered the cost of renting the Convention Center and having teachers spend time this way. Is this the best use of time and money?

Mark Rauterkus said...

I'm sure it was considered.

It is good to get folks under the same roof and into a focused discussion / presentation now and then.

I love the Olympics for that reason. Everyone in the world looks with focus to the lighting of the flame. Then the break outs come, by sport and interest. Then real work gets done. But, keen focus -- time to reflect, time to direct and guide is part of the hope of leadership and togetherness.

Now, I don't know if the program was full of fluff and wasted time or not. I don't really need to hear from Pittsburgh Steelers N@. So, how much is needed to be defended is unsure to me as I wasn't there.

It could have been done on cable TV too -- so as to reach more people. A show is pending, I expect.