Thursday, January 08, 2009

Coaching job in Golden West

If I'm a young coach -- I'd be interested in this job.

Special Computer/Coaching Intern/Post Grad Swimmer Positions Available.
Golden West Swim Club
Continuous Listing, Begun June 2006, Revised October 30, 2008

“THINK ‘WAY OUTSIDE’ THE BOX!” Available Until Filled. Golden West Swim Club, in Huntington Beach, CA, has a unique opportunity for an aspiring young swimming coach or post graduate swimmer with a background in computer science; software and/or hardware. The preferred person should have a knowledge of computer programming. Knowledge of C#, ASP.Net, and Databases strongly desired. This position involves working on cutting edge technology application projects. This is an intern type position with a $18,000 stipend. Additional compensation is available from stroke lessons. This is a great learning experience in all areas of coaching. Duties will include experiences in all phases of the art, science, and business of coaching; including daily deck coaching, meets, event staging, sports information and advertising, facility maintenance and development, transportation and travel, fund raising, motivational systems development and implementation, video and computer utilization, heart rate monitoring, computer assisted race evaluation, office duties, etc. You will really learn about your profession and acquire some great coaching skills! This is a great opportunity to contribute and be a part of a fun and successful situation. A one to two years commitment is required. This situation is immediately available. Apply to: Bob Gillett, Head Swimming Coach, Golden West Swim Club, 19731 Quiet Bay Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 . Cell: (714) 766-9767. E-Mail: If you are interested in applying for an Internship, give us a call or e-mail us of your interest. We will then use the following process: 1. Submit a resume with references. We probably will not call your references until the final phase of the process; unless we know them personally. 2. After you submit a resume, we may ask you to then submit a short (couple of minutes) of video of yourself explaining a skill. Nothing elaborate; just put a cam recorder on the table, turn it on and record. For example, show and explain butterfly arms. We are not looking for knowledge or technique proficiency or anything earth shattering. We would just like to see you and hear you talk, and get to know you. A video conference call can be substituted. 3. At this point, if everything matches up for both parties; then we will offer you an internship agreement. 4. References from past participates in this program with Coach Bob Gillett will be given for you to evaluate this unique opportunity for a young coach.

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