Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Start the 2009-2010 School Year AFTER Labor Day

The Pure Reform Blog has been busy in recent weeks with talk about Pittsburgh Public Schools. That's nice. Check it out.

I posted this there, just now.

No school should be scheduled to start until after Labor Day. PERIOD.

In August, it is just too hot.
In August, we've got family time and vacation time.
In August, we've got summer jobs.
In August, we've got an economy to run.

Bring the teachers back, if you must, before Labor Day. But keep the kids out of school.

Furthermore, the numbers of those who did attend school in August have always been kept as a 'secret.' There wasn't any learning going on as the classrooms were way to vacant to begin to address new topics with the kids. The kids didn't show up.

And, the district didn't report the numbers of those that did and didn't show up anyway.

The idea of August school failed, like I knew it would.

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Anonymous said...

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